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Hi Property Investors. My name is Paul and along with my wife Michaela we have been investing and working in property for over 10 years. 

We work with a small number of investors to build their portfolios. Our focus is off-plan property secured at a discount which offers high growth potential, low ongoing maintenance and offers the ability to pipeline the growth of your portfolio and offer great potential returns on investments. 

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We work with you to help you become the Most Valuable Player.

Why invest in off-plan?

Off-plan property is where you commit to purchasing a property before it has been built. While it is still in the planned stage. However, anything that is part built, or even just about to be completed is defined as off-plan. Unlike standard BTL, there is the potential for return on investment from two sources: rental return AND capital gains over the build stage.

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Why Off-Plan?

Off-Plan is a great low maintenance option to help you build a high quality portfolio. We would be delighted to help you. Some of the great reasons we focus on off-plan are explored in this article. Check it out!

New to property?

Thinking about Investing?

What should I do BEFORE I invest in property?

The quickest way to build wealth, make money, become financially free, financially independent, retire early… is via Bricks or Business. Simple right? Well not quite…

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What should you do before you invest?

BEFORE you invest in anything there are things you should consider. This article aims to identify some common things you should do first.

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Mr & Mrs B

"I thought you were excellent as a consultant. You explained your information clearly and at the right level to both get us started in thinking as an investor but also enough for us to make our first steps into property investment (the first steps being the hardest!). Without your consultation we simply wouldn't know where to begin and we would have certainly made poor, uninformed choices. We absolutly believe that it was the best investment we have made to date!"

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