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Why Invest In Slough?

Why invest in Slough?

18 minutes to London and half the price!

London hasn’t been a great place to invest (or buy at all) for several years due to the current position in the economic cycle and lots of people have been moving out of the capital in favour of more affordable locations – towns on the commuter belt. Bracknell, Basingstoke and Slough have become extremely lucrative alternatives.

Great Fundamentals - An Opportunity For Growth

Slough is filled with fundamental criteria that make it a perfect destination for investors and commuters to London. Over the last few years, Slough has begun to attract more young professionals – a great tenant profile. Driving up demand and property prices.

The introduction of Crossrail in 2020 offering direct access from Slough station to key London stations including London Paddington (18 mins), Bond Street, Canary Wharf and Heathrow. In addition to this, Slough is in the middle of a £450 million regeneration programme, bringing enhanced facilities and infrastructure to the region and driving property prices up further. A further announcement of regeneration for Slough town centre has been proposed, with Slough Borough Council saying around £3 billion will be pumped into new housing schemes.

Slough has a great economy base (lots of jobs, lots of professionals who move around for work and who need rented accommodation), great transport links which are set to get much better (Crossrail, Heathrow runway 3), thousands of employers, a growing population with overspill from London.

Rightmove figures show that the average flat in London cost £547,000 in 2018, while flats in Slough sold for an average of £243,000. Meaning you can invest for half the price! Once Crossrail opens a full 24 minutes is set to be shaved off the journey time to Canary Wharf.

The average price in Slough has risen by 20% over the last year according to Land Figures. With a projected growth of approximately 22% over the next three years and approximately 5% rental yields. Investors should seriously be considering Slough.

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